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Sathya Veda Seminary is an esteemed Biblical organization aimed at training and equipping committed men and women who are willing to serve the Lord and His People with their God-given gifts and talents. We provide Spiritual and Academic training to the committed candidates to become responsible citizens of the nation and for the Kingdom work.

 It was started in the year 2001 and is located in the capital city of the State of Kerala, India. Currently, we train over 200 residential students each year and the graduates are vibrantly working as Community Workers in different parts of India, contributing towards the holistic transformation of the Society.



Our Vision is to raise up a generation of generals who are competent leaders to transform communities, societies and thus Nations.




We exist to glorify God through fulfilling the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ.​


Our aim is to create programs that engage, enhance and empower every single student to face the challenges and opportunities before them. We strive to make learning fascinating by helping students accomplish challenges and exceed their goals in a caring and supportive environment.

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