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SVS Library supports education, personal development, and community enrichment. Our passionate and professional staff are here to help you navigate our collection of books, media, and library resources.

We believe that people have a universal right to access information and ideas. Since opening our doors, we have delivered on this belief by sharing our extensive collection and providing library services to the community.

It has built an extensive collection of books, periodicals, and a growing digital collection. Our repository also includes unique materials focusing on specific subjects that can be accessed by special request.

We offer a wide array of opportunities to get involved here at SVS Library. Whether it’s learning something new or meeting new people, discover what’s on this week and drop in for a special experience.

It has provided the community with access to books and information since 2001. Every day we build upon that tradition by improving access to and expanding our collections. But we’re more than just a provider of free materials.


Our library provides a wide selection of magazines, periodicals, and publications for you to enjoy. Have a look at some of our top titles below, and be sure to stop by to browse our full collection.

System of classification - Dewey Decimals classification (19th edition)Accessibility -Books and periodicals are arranged on shelves for easy accessibility to the students. DDC catalogue is displayed to students in the library, computers are available to search books, assistant librarian and staff will help the students to get the books. Each department head will give special instructions to students about the available books in a particular branch.

Our Library brings together an abundance of resources and opportunities for all to enjoy. We’re always working to meet the needs of our patrons and remain committed to playing a key role in the community. To learn more, simply get in touch.


1. Books - 14,000

2. E-Books- 6,000

3. Periodicals - 30

4. Journals - 60

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